Pest Control

Decisive, humane pest control

We’re one of India’s leading providers of pest control services and have the expertise required to remove all forms of pests. Our national network of commercial pest control technicians can protect your premises using Eco friendly and environmental friendly products and processes. However, we don’t just solve the problem, we also take preventative measures to reduce the damage to both stock and property.

Our specialist practitioners provide the following pest control services:

  • Rodent monitoring and control to avoid an infestation, damage and health risks
  • Insect monitoring and control to discreetly keep your premises insect-free
  • Bird control and bird proofing using the latest technologies
  • Insect identification services - essential for effective removal
  • Safe and efficient fumigation
  • Independent pest control technical audits

About Us

We are a leading facilities management provider in India. Incorporated in May 2004 as Read More


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