Battery Rejuvenation

About BSI

Battery Services International started battery-recycling unit under the brand name of Mr. Battery in 1996. They renamed the company to Battery Services international and registered the same in Florida, USA in 2005. Battery Services are now located in 9 countries and are growing rapidly. Services and Solutions is the channel partner for BSI in Karnataka, India.

The Product

BSI owns innovative technology that can recover the lost power of all types of lead acid batteries of any brand, size and application despite its state of charge (including zero voltage and zero charge) in 24 hours or less.This technology is an electro-chemical process for restoration, reconditioning, rejuvenation, and maintenance (routine and preventive) of batteries. The Xcharger will be used for batteries up to 24 volts, and Genesis for larger industrial batteries from 24 volts to 120 volts. PowerPlus is an ECO-FRIENDLY, NON-HAZARDOUS chemical catalyst used for the desulfation of lead based batteries. BSI has patented the technology in USA.

Benefits of PowerPlus:

1. Environment friendly
2. Prevents sulfur build up in batteries
3. Prolongs run time and life span of batteries
4. Optimizes power accumulation
5. Prolongs cycle life of batteries
6. Reduces battery-charging time.

Role of Services and Solutions

1. Provide reconditioned batteries
2. Recondition dead batteries both automotive and industrial.
3. Recondition lead acid battery used on stationary applications (telecom)
4. Prolong the life of new or existing batteries (preventive)
5. Provide battery routine maintenance services (annual maintenance contracts)
6. Recycle discarded batteries
7. Dismantle and remove battery banks
8. Diagnose and troubleshoot battery malfunctioning
9. Merchandise battery and battery related products

Benefits of the technology to the customer

1. Quick turnaround in 24 hours
2. Eco friendly and green
3. Capital cost reduction
4. For large and small batteries
5. Increasing power, life and run time of all batteries
6. Technology is guaranteed, safe, reliable and effective.
7. All battery related services under one roof
8. Charging can be done on site though our mobile unit.

Cost estimates will be given on inspection and physical verification on site (price will vary accordingly)

About Us

We are a leading facilities management provider in India. Incorporated in May 2004 as Read More


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